So deep as to be a shallow mirror.

I totally relate to Buffy in this episode. Not going to give relationship advice. 2 boyfriends doesn’t cut it, and doubly so with how far apart we are now.

I like Xander MUCH better once he starts dating Anya. Thank you amazing poofy Xander.

My funny tale from work

We cut up some samples from a watermelon. A lady came and ate one. With the first bite, she groaned and said it was better than sex. I was shocked. She then realized I probably knew nothing about that statement, what with how young I was. It got more awkward when my boss told her my actual age and she wondered out loud if maybe I really did know what sex was like, then realized that was a very rude question to ask someone, and mumbled how she shouldn’t have said anything.

Poor girl, I didn’t have the heart to tell her why I was surprised. The watermelon was mediocre. Not even CLOSE to the best watermelon I’ve ever tasted. It wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t amazing. Just okay. And if sex is worse than okay, she really needs to sit down and have a talk with the people she has had sex with, because they fail.

There was something really funny that happened at work today, and now I can’t remember it. Sadness.

Strange how often people forget they have told me about the important pieces of their life or forget about the pieces I’ve told of mine. Hasn’t been the first time someone was shocked, won’t be the last. Just tired of it, I guess. Do other people have this problem?

I have a bad habit of waking up in the morning, being super hungry, and not eating until hours later….

Heading out to go play at a roller-coaster park tomorrow with my family. Super excited, but I always end up feeling super hot and burning when I go… so this time I’m making sure I bring lots of sunscreen to put on at random intervals and a tank top. Sorry conservative family, I’m tired of overheating. Oh, and I shaved my armpits yesterday, so a little fuzz has already grown back. Deal.

I’m a terrible influence on my niblings, lol.

Heads up


So I haven’t been on tumblr as much as I’d like because I’ve been switching jobs and preparing for traveling to China in February for another job. Plus my dad’s bookstore closed because of stupid reasons (moneygrubbers) and I had to help move some 4,000 ish books in less than a month. Plus all the…

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What exactly is this thing called love?
When it came I had not yet been born.
The sun shone for me for over twenty years,
I was only a child, knowing no sorrow at all.
Suddenly came the day - I loved and hated that day -
When in my heart something stirred; something was missing,
And that was the first time I felt this pain.
Some said it was a wound - now, you feel my chest -
When it came I had not yet been born,
What exactly is this thing called love?

From that time on I changed, a wild horse without a rein,
Galloping over the wilderness of humanity. I was
Like the Ch’u man of old who tried to offer his jade,
Who pointed at his heart and said, “There’s truth there, there is!
Cut me open here, if you don’t believe me, and see
If it isn’t a jade, this thing dripping blood.”
Blood! That merciless cutting, and my soul!
Who is he that forces me to ask this final question?

What a question! This time I’m glad my dream is over.
God, I’m not ill, no longer shall I groan before you.
No longer shall I long for the ethereal; I’ve no share in paradise;
I only want the earth, and to live plainly and honestly.
Never again shall I ask what exactly is this thing called love;
Since when it came I had not yet been born.

—Hsii Chih-mo, translated by Kai-yu Hsu

I find it funny when people call me vertically challenged because I am short. Dude, I’m not the one hitting my head on things just by walking.